Video Poker Betting System

Video poker betting rules deal with two basic elements that are very easy to understand, unlike any professional blackjack or other betting rules and methods. The first one concerns how many coins you wager while the second one is what cards in the hand you choose to hold and what to change. Although there are lots game variants with different rules but the following betting rules and strategies may be successfully applied for all of them.

First of all, remember that in the game of video poker you are able to get the highest payoffs only if you wager the maximum number of coins. This is the most important video poker rule which is viewed as the basis of every trusted video poker strategy that can be used at online casinos. For example, in Jacks or Better the payout on royal flash is 250/1 if you wager one, two, three, and four coins, or if you bet five coins the payback increases to 800 to 1. As you may see the difference is stunning. But, this rule doesn't mean that you should bust your bankroll. You can reduce the value of the coins at any moment cause the number of video poker coins is more important than their size.

What is more, in case you choose to play progressive video poker games the rule to bet the max is more important cause only by betting max you may win the accumulating jackpot. So it would be very senseless to wager not much and get a wonderful hand but be not able to hit the progressive jackpot since the rules don't allow you. That is why always bear in mind that each time you play progressive video poker you should bet max.

After you receive the hand think accurately and decide what cards to hold since this have the influence on the results of the game. For this purpose look through the possible poker hands so that you may track the suitable cards to make these hands and predict the chance of their coming up.

In some video poker versions when five cards come out the compute suggests you what cards are better to be held. So you can see the mark "Held" under some cards which are offered to be held however bear in mind that you are always free to make the final betting choice. You can use computer tips as well as to follow your own tactic and choose what cards to change. Although, the computer is quite smart but to become a good player you are to train your gaming talents, and skills by yourself. When you feel confident at video poker, you surely can move to the real poker game and play blackjack online!