Basic Video Poker Rules

The rules of video poker game are extremely simple and this actually determined the recognition of video poker games and brought them on the top place among all casino entertainments such as online roulette and slots. But when you want, for example, to win at roulette, you should learn all about roulette table and wheel, bets, and odds, although the game of video poker is quite simple and video poker arcades don't differ anyway but you have choice to play common video poker games as well as progressive. The main distinction is that in progressive video poker arcades the pot is progressive, thus it raises till one of the video poker players is lucky to win. But remember, actually the payouts at the progressive arcades are smaller than payouts on the common machines. This is caused by the progressive jackpot that is why before choosing the video poker machine define what games may be more beneficial for your tastes. Actually, for the first-time players we recommend to look for video poker games with the maximum five credits bets. Later the gambler can move to the arcades with the smaller minimum wagers. So, you have chosen the variant and now must bet with one or several credits. The most important difference between video poker and the common poker is that the gambler is able to gamble only against computer but not the other gamblers. Hence video poker game is so simple and involving because if you gamble against machine the game is more personal and the result depends just on your operations. So, you put the coin into video poker machine and press the "draw" or "deal" button. Five cards are dealt and you are shown the card hand on the screen. It is up to you to decide what cards are to be kept and after you choose the "hold" option the special marks appears under the chosen cards to define that they are kept. Bear in mind, that there are no any limitations on how many cards to hold whether the only one card or none. Then you push the "draw" or "deal" button again and the cards that were not kept are changed by the others and you receives your final hand on which the outcome of the game can be defined. Thus, the main steps in the game:

  1. The gambler bets.
  2. The cards are dealt.
  3. The player decides on the cards to keep.
  4. The machine changes the cards in the hand except the cards that were kept.
  5. The card combination is valued and the player is paid off if he/she happens to win.

Actually, there are many different types of the game in which the rules may differ though the general idea remains the same. So, now when you are familiar with the game rules you can start one of the simplest and most thrilling gambling games!